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Mitch Hedberg

Mitch Hedberg Mii Image by Carlos
QR Code for Mitch Hedberg by Carlos

Mii Plaza Name: Mitch H.

Created by: Carlos

Comedian known for his '70s style and eyes-closed, strangely spoken delivery. Cake eater.

Tags: comedian

Categories: Stars

Created on the: Wii

Paul Teutul, Sr.

Paul Teutul, Sr. Mii Image by Davor
QR Code for Paul Teutul, Sr. by Davor

Mii Plaza Name: Paul Sr.

Created by: Davor

Founder of Orange Country Choppers from the TV show "American Chopper".

Tags: american chopper, father

Categories: Stars

Created on the: Wii

Larry David

Larry David Mii Image by Dann
QR Code for Larry David by Dann

Mii Plaza Name: LarryDavid

Created by: Dann

Star of the HBO series "Curb Your Enthusiasm", where he plays himself. He was also the co-creator and head writer of "Seinfeld".

Tags: curb your enthusiasm, hbo, seinfeld

Categories: Stars, TV

Created on the: Wii

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler Mii Image by senry
QR Code for Adam Sandler by senry

Mii Plaza Name: AdamSandlr

Created by: senry

Actor who got his start on Saturday Night Live and went on to star in hit movies including "Billy Madison", "Happy Gilmore", "Big Daddy", and "50 First Dates".

Tags: 50 first dates, big daddy, billy madison, happy gilmore, snl

Categories: Stars

Created on the: Wii

Rick Harrison

Rick Harrison Mii Image by jason
QR Code for Rick Harrison by jason

Mii Plaza Name: Rick

Created by: jason

Manager of Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas with a show on the History channel called "Pawn Stars".

Tags: pawn stars

Categories: Stars

Created on the: Wii

Chandra Wilson

Chandra Wilson Mii Image by battlbette
QR Code for Chandra Wilson by battlbette

Mii Plaza Name: Chandra

Created by: battlbette

Actress who plays Dr. Miranda Bailey on "Grey's Anatomy".

Tags: doctor, grey's anatomy

Categories: Stars

Created on the: Wii


Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin Mii Image by Cpt Kangru
QR Code for Steve Irwin by Cpt Kangru

Mii Plaza Name: SteveIrwin

Created by: Cpt Kangru

Australian wildlife enthusiast and conservationist best known for his show "The Crocodile Hunter".

Tags: animals, australian, crocodile hunter

Categories: Stars

Created on the: Wii

Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert Mii Image by NAMWHO
QR Code for Roger Ebert by NAMWHO

Mii Plaza Name: RogerEbert

Created by: NAMWHO

Film critic best known for working with Gene Siskel (Siskel & Ebert). Two thumbs up!

Tags: critic

Categories: Stars

Created on the: Wii

Danny DeVito

Danny DeVito Mii Image by Chopsuey
QR Code for Danny DeVito by Chopsuey

Mii Plaza Name: DannyDVito

Created by: Chopsuey

Actor who rose to fame as Louie De Palma on "Taxi". He's been in countless movies including "Romancing the Stone", "Throw Momma from the Train", and "Renaissance Man" and currently stars on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".

Tags: it's always sunny in philadelphia, taxi

Categories: Stars

Created on the: Wii

Tay Zonday

Tay Zonday Mii Image by Cobra
QR Code for Tay Zonday by Cobra

Mii Plaza Name: Tay Zonday

Created by: Cobra

Youtube sensation known for his song "Chocolate Rain". "I move away from the mic to breathe in."

Tags: chocolate rain, singer, youtube

Categories: Stars

Created on the: Wii

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld Mii Image by Mr Tip
QR Code for Jerry Seinfeld by Mr Tip

Mii Plaza Name: jerry sein

Created by: Mr Tip

Stand-up comedian best known for his sitcom Seinfeld.

Tags: bee movie, comedian, seinfeld

Categories: Stars

Created on the: Wii

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix Mii Image by Andy Anonymous
QR Code for Joaquin Phoenix by Andy Anonymous

Mii Plaza Name: Joaquin

Created by: Andy Anonymous

Actor famous for his roles in "Gladiator" and "Walk the Line".

Tags: before and after, gladiator, walk the line

Categories: Stars

Created on the: Wii

Billy Mays

Billy Mays Mii Image by Legendluke25
QR Code for Billy Mays by Legendluke25

Created by: Legendluke25

The guy who used to advertise OxiClean on TV.

Tags: infomercial, salesman

Categories: Stars

Created on the: 3ds

Cobie Smulders

Cobie Smulders Mii Image by TerBear
QR Code for Cobie Smulders by TerBear

Created by: TerBear

A Canadian actress and former model. She is known for her role as Robin Scherbatsky on the hit TV show "How I Met Your Mother" and Maria Hill in the 2012 film "The Avengers".

Tags: how i met your mother, the avengers

Categories: Stars

Created on the: 3ds

Ji Sukjin

Ji Sukjin Mii Image by monkeeboy248
QR Code for Ji Sukjin by monkeeboy248

Created by: monkeeboy248

Eldest member of the South Korean variety show "Running Man". Also known as Big-Nosed Hyung, Impala, and Jaesuk's sunflower. He is one of the Easy Brothers.

Tags: easy brothers, korean, running man

Categories: Stars

Created on the: 3ds