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Category: Stars

Zakk Wild

Zakk Wild Mii Image by AdalBR
QR Code for Zakk Wild by AdalBR

Mii Plaza Name: Zakk Wild

Created by: AdalBR

Zakk Wild from the band Black Label Society.

Categories: Stars, Music

Created on the: Wii

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell Mii Image by Cpt Kangru
QR Code for Simon Cowell by Cpt Kangru

Mii Plaza Name: Simon

Created by: Cpt Kangru

English music executive best known for his unsympathetic critiques as a judge on American Idol and Pop Idol.

Tags: american idol, english, judge, the x factor

Categories: Stars

Created on the: Wii

Karan Brar

Karan Brar Mii Image by Rio 9
QR Code for Karan Brar by Rio 9

Created by: Rio 9

American child actor most well-known for his roles in Disney's "JESSIE" and the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" films.

Tags: child actor, diary of a wimpy kid, disney, jessie

Categories: Stars

Created on the: 3ds

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal Mii Image by Ajay
QR Code for Jake Gyllenhaal by Ajay

Mii Plaza Name: Jake G.

Created by: Ajay

Actor famous for roles in movies such as "Donnie Darko", "Brokeback Mountain", "Jarhead", and "Bubble Boy".

Tags: brokeback mountain, bubble boy, donnie darko, jarhead

Categories: Stars

Created on the: Wii

Ryan Stiles

Ryan Stiles Mii Image by BUDDHA
QR Code for Ryan Stiles by BUDDHA

Mii Plaza Name: RyanStiles

Created by: BUDDHA

Quick witted improv comedian from "Whose Line Is It Anyway?". He's also known for playing Lewis Kiniski on "The Drew Carey Show" and Judith's 2nd husband Dr. Herb Melnick on "Two and a Half Men".

Tags: the drew carey show, two and a half men, whose line is it anyway?

Categories: Stars

Created on the: Wii

Alan Sugar

Alan Sugar Mii Image by celery
QR Code for Alan Sugar by celery

Mii Plaza Name: Alan Sugar

Created by: celery

British billionaire entrepreneur and presenter of the UK version of the Apprentice. He's ready to hire and fire your Miis.

Tags: billionaire, english, entrepreneur

Categories: Stars

Created on the: Wii


John Belushi

John Belushi Mii Image by Ali
QR Code for John Belushi by Ali

Mii Plaza Name: Belushi

Created by: Ali

Actor and comedian from SNL, "Animal House", and "The Blues Brothers".

Tags: animal house, blues brothers, snl

Categories: Stars

Created on the: Wii

Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman Mii Image by Johnny C
QR Code for Gary Coleman by Johnny C

Mii Plaza Name: GaryColemn

Created by: Johnny C

Diminutive TV star best known as Arnold on "Different Strokes" whose signature line was, "Whatchu talkin' bout, Willis?"

Tags: different strokes, short

Categories: Stars

Created on the: Wii

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Mii Image by Andy Anonymous
QR Code for Jimmy Kimmel by Andy Anonymous

Mii Plaza Name: Kimmel

Created by: Andy Anonymous

Late night talk show host and former host of The Man Show and Win Ben Stein's Money.

Tags: the man show, win ben stein's money

Categories: Stars

Created on the: Wii

Richard Harrison

Richard Harrison Mii Image by Boneshaker
QR Code for Richard Harrison by Boneshaker

Mii Plaza Name: Old Man

Created by: Boneshaker

Better known as "The Old Man" or "The Appraiser" from TV's "Pawn Stars". He's Rick Harrison's father and the founder of the pawn shop.

Tags: pawn stars

Categories: Stars

Created on the: Wii

Ingrid Bergman

Ingrid Bergman Mii Image by Brandon
QR Code for Ingrid Bergman by Brandon

Mii Plaza Name: Bergman

Created by: Brandon

Academy, Emmy, and Tony Award winning Sweedish actress from Hollywood's Golden Era.

Tags: casablanca, golden age

Categories: Stars

Created on the: Wii

Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons Mii Image by sss
QR Code for Richard Simmons by sss

Mii Plaza Name: Simmons

Created by: sss

The flamboyant fitness expert.

Tags: aerobics, exercise, fitness

Categories: Stars

Created on the: Wii

Michael Keaton

Michael Keaton Mii Image by Audrey
QR Code for Michael Keaton by Audrey

Mii Plaza Name: M. Keaton

Created by: Audrey

Character actor often in comedic roles. Some movie highlights include "Beetlejuice", "Mr. Mom", "Multiplicity", "Night Shift", "Gung Ho", and "Batman".

Tags: batman, beetlejuice, gung ho, mr. mom, multiplicity, night shift

Categories: Stars

Created on the: Wii

Sam Elliott

Sam Elliott Mii Image by Ood
QR Code for Sam Elliott by Ood

Mii Plaza Name: SamElliott

Created by: Ood

Actor known for his horseshoe moustache and Western drawl. He is often cast in cowboy roles.

Tags: the big lebowski, tombstone

Categories: Stars

Created on the: Wii

Gary Busey

Gary Busey Mii Image by Pamela
QR Code for Gary Busey by Pamela

Mii Plaza Name: Gary Busey

Created by: Pamela

Eccentric actor with a toothy smile. Memorable roles include "The Buddy Holly Story", "Lethal Weapon", "Point Break", "The Firm", and "Under Siege".

Tags: lethal weapon, point break, the buddy holly story, the firm, under siege

Categories: Stars

Created on the: Wii