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Buizel Mii Image by NessFan
QR Code for Buizel by NessFan

Created by: NessFan

From Pokemon DP. Can be found at valley windworks.

Tags: pokemon, weasel

Categories: Games

Created on the: 3ds

Fang the Sniper

Fang the Sniper Mii Image by ChelseaHedgeho
QR Code for Fang the Sniper by ChelseaHedgeho

Created by: ChelseaHedgeho

Bad guy from the Sonic the Hedgehog series and the popular Archie Comics. Also known as Nack the Weasel.

Tags: archie sonic comics, sonic the hedgehog, villain, weasel

Categories: Toons, Games

Created on the: 3ds