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Joakim Broden

Joakim Broden Mii Image by Tomodachifan7
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Created by: Tomodachifan7

Singer from the Swedish heavy metal band Sabaton, known for songs like "Metal Crue" and "Art of War"

Tags: metal, sabaton, singer, swedish

Categories: Music

Created on the: 3ds

Pickles The Drummer

Pickles The Drummer Mii Image by MadiYasha
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Created by: MadiYasha

The drummer from the metal band Dethklok featured in the animated show "Metalocalypse" on Adult Swim.

Tags: adult swim, dethklok, drummer, metal, metalocalypse

Categories: Toons

Created on the: 3ds

Christoph 'Doom' Schneider

Christoph 'Doom' Schneider Mii Image by bland3st
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Created by: bland3st

Drummer of the German metal band Rammstein, also known as 'Doom'.

Tags: doom, drummer, german, metal, rammstein

Categories: Music

Created on the: 3ds

Richard Z. Kruspe

Richard Z. Kruspe Mii Image by Vnord
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Created by: Vnord

Guitarist from the famous German band Rammstein.

Tags: german, guitar, metal, rammstein

Categories: Music

Created on the: 3ds