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Helena Bonham-Carter

Helena Bonham-Carter Mii Image by celery
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Mii Plaza Name: Helena

Created by: celery

Actress from films such as "Fight Club" and the remakes of "Planet of the Apes" and "Sweeney Todd". She plays Bellatrix Lestrange in "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix".

Tags: english, fight club, harry potter, planet of the apes, sweeney todd

Categories: Stars

Created on the: Wii

Wii Instructions:

Start a new character from scratch and make these changes.

Headrow 3 column 1Type: 3rd row, 1st column
row 2 column 3Facial Features: 2nd row, 3rd column
Hairpage 6 row 4 column 1Type: 6th page, 4th row, 1st column
Eyebrowspage 2 row 2 column 3Type: 2nd page, 2nd row, 3rd column
Eyespage 1 row 4 column 1Type: 1st page, 4th row, 1st column
Noserow 1 column 3Type: 1st row, 3rd column
Mouthpage 1 row 4 column 3Type: 1st page, 4th row, 3rd column
3rd lip colorColor: 3rd one
SizeheightHeight: 46%
weightWeight: 31%
NicknameEnter NicknameHelena
Favorite ColorFavorite Color2nd row, 2nd column
Mii CreatorPlease Credit the Creatorcelery

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