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Neil Patrick Harris

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Mii Plaza Name: NPH

Created by: Double *

Actor who rose to fame as a child star in the title role of the TV series "Doogie Howser, MD." He had memorable roles in the "Harold and Kumar" movies and plays Barney Stinson in the sitcom "How I Met Your Mother".

Tags: doogie howser md, harold and kumar, how i met your mother

Categories: Stars

Created on the: Wii

Wii Instructions:

Start a new character from scratch and make these changes.

Headrow 2 column 2Facial Features: 2nd row, 2nd column
row 2 column 1Skin Color: 2nd row, 1st column
Hairpage 1 row 4 column 1Type: 1st page, 4th row, 1st column
row 2 column 3Color: 2nd row, 3rd column
Eyebrowspage 1 row 3 column 2Type: 1st page, 3rd row, 2nd column
row 2 column 3Color: 2nd row, 3rd column
rotate clockwiseRotate: 1 clockwise
make smallerSize: 1 smaller
make widerHorizontal: 2 wider
move downVertical: 2 down
Eyesrow 2 column 2Color: 2nd row, 2nd column
make smallerSize: 3 smaller
make widerHorizontal: 3 wider
Noserow 4 column 1Type: 4th row, 1st column
make smallerSize: 1 smaller
Mouthpage 1 row 2 column 2Type: 1st page, 2nd row, 2nd column
make biggerSize: 1 bigger
MolemoleAdd a mole
make smallerSize: 4 smaller
move rightHorizontal: 6 right
move upVertical: 8 up
SizeheightHeight: 90%
weightWeight: 36%
NicknameEnter NicknameNPH
Favorite ColorFavorite Color2nd row, 5th column
BirthdayBirthdayNovember 27th
Mii CreatorPlease Credit the CreatorDouble *