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The Doctor (?)

The Doctor (?) Mii Image by Andy Anonymous
QR Code for The Doctor (?) by Andy Anonymous

Created by: Andy Anonymous

John Hurt played an unknown incarnation of The Doctor on the popular British sci-fi series, Doctor Who, in 2013. He is set to continue the role at least as far as the show's 50th anniversary special, at which time his nature will be made clearer.

Tags: doctor who

Categories: TV

Created on the: Wii U

David Letterman

David Letterman Mii Image by Ajay
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Mii Plaza Name: Letterman

Created by: Ajay

Late Night talk show host.

Tags: cbs, comedian, host, late night, late show

Categories: Stars, TV

Created on the: Wii


Data Mii Image by vaadkins
QR Code for Data by vaadkins

Created by: vaadkins

Lt. Commander aboard the Starship Enterprise D. Played by Brent Spiner.

Tags: android, star trek, tng

Categories: TV

Created on the: 3ds


Tuvok Mii Image by celery
QR Code for Tuvok by celery

Created by: celery

Character in Star Trek: Voyager. Played by the actor Tim Russ.

Tags: star trek, voyager, vulcan

Categories: TV

Created on the: Wii U

Toby Cavanaugh

Toby Cavanaugh Mii Image by RosaFlora774
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Created by: RosaFlora774

From the TV show "Pretty Little Liars". Played by Keegan Allen.

Tags: pretty little liars

Categories: TV

Created on the: 3ds

Al Borland

Al Borland Mii Image by Gooby
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Mii Plaza Name: Al

Created by: Gooby

From the show "Home Improvement". Tim's assistant on "Tool Time". Often says, "I don't think so, Tim." Played by Richard Karn.

Tags: home improvement, tool time

Categories: TV

Created on the: Wii



Newman Mii Image by Jason
QR Code for Newman by Jason

Mii Plaza Name: Newman

Created by: Jason

Jerry's sneaky enemy from the TV series "Seinfeld". Played by Wayne Knight.

Tags: seinfeld

Categories: TV

Created on the: Wii


Craig Mii Image by Despicable Mii
QR Code for Craig by Despicable Mii

Created by: Despicable Mii

He is a talking snake and Sanjay's best friend in Nickelodeon's "Sanjay and Craig".

Tags: nickelodeon, sanjay and craig, snake

Categories: TV

Created on the: 3ds

Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus Mii Image by bobby mac
QR Code for Billy Ray Cyrus by bobby mac

Mii Plaza Name: Billy Ray

Created by: bobby mac

Country singer who sings "Achy Breaky Heart". He's also a costar on his daughter Miley's show "Hannah Montana".

Tags: country, hannah montana, singer

Categories: TV, Music

Created on the: Wii


Statler Mii Image by BrainLock
QR Code for Statler by BrainLock

Mii Plaza Name: Statler

Created by: BrainLock

From the Muppet Show, Statler and Waldorf are two heckling old men up in the balcony.

Tags: jim henson, muppets, statler and waldorf

Categories: TV

Created on the: Wii

Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon Mii Image by snootles5
QR Code for Daryl Dixon by snootles5

Created by: snootles5

Character from "The Walking Dead"

Tags: the walking dead, zombie

Categories: TV

Created on the: 3ds

Borat Sagdiyev

Borat Sagdiyev Mii Image by Tocci
QR Code for Borat Sagdiyev by Tocci

Mii Plaza Name: Borat

Created by: Tocci

Very nice reporter from Kazakhstan played by Sacha Baron Cohen. Great success!

Tags: borat, kazakhstan, reporter, sacha baron cohen

Categories: Movies, TV

Created on the: Wii

Charlie Kelly

Charlie Kelly Mii Image by Juliusaurus
QR Code for Charlie Kelly by Juliusaurus

Created by: Juliusaurus

A character on the tv show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".

Tags: it's always sunny in philadelphia

Categories: TV

Created on the: Wii U

Amy Farrah Fowler

Amy Farrah Fowler Mii Image by complete geek
QR Code for Amy Farrah Fowler by complete geek

Created by: complete geek

Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler, Ph.D., is a neuroscientist. She has a Ph.D. in neurobiology, with a research focus on addiction in primates and invertebrates, occasionally mentioning such experiments as getting a Capuchin monkey addicted to cigarettes or starfish.

Tags: doctor, nerd, scientist, the big bang theory

Categories: TV

Created on the: 3ds

Finn Hudson

Finn Hudson Mii Image by diva1994
QR Code for Finn Hudson by diva1994

Created by: diva1994

Cory Monteith's character in Glee.

Tags: glee

Categories: TV

Created on the: 3ds