MiiCharacters.com Frequently Asked Questions

Are you affiliated with Nintendo?
No. Nintendo has provided a great platform for creativity and this site is simply a fan site and user guide for Mii Characters on the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS. Everything found on this site is for information purposes only and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Nintendo in any way whatsoever.
How do I make those hats (or other facial features)?
If you see a mii that has a part which doesn't exist in your mii editor on your Wii, that's because it is a clever combination of other components. For Miis originally created on a Wii, the instructions are there for you to follow. Follow along and it will all make sense.
What if I followed the steps in the instructions and it still doesn't look right?
Umm... Well you got me there. The steps are generated straight from the Mii file by our software. It's possible, although unlikely, that the thumbnail was matched to the wrong Mii during upload or there may be a bug somewhere. Give it another try, and don't be afraid to use your instincts. If a step doesn't seem right, it may be that you're misunderstanding the directions. Double check. If it still doesn't turn out right, please contact us.
In the instructions, why are the instructions for some body parts missing?
When you start a new Mii character from scratch, sometimes certain parts are already selected by default. If you don't have to move it, switch it, or change its color, it will be left off of the instruction list. Just follow the listed steps carefully and you'll recreate the Mii perfectly.
How do I submit my own Miis?
Click on the share tab. If you're not logged in, sign in or sign up. Then simply fill out the submission form following the notes and instructions.
I submitted a Mii. Where did it go? I can't find it on the site.
After being submitted, all Miis must be approved before they are published to the site. Approvals often happen within a day or two, but may take a week or longer in certain circumstances. Please be patient. If your submission did not adhere to the guidelines of the submission form, it was probably deleted. Also if your submission was a copy of another Mii it was probably deleted and your account may have been suspended. Miis of yourself, your friends, or characters you made up are generally not sought-after by others, so those Miis are only visible to the user who submitted them when signed in. The only exception is an artist's self-mii, which is still visible to everyone as the first Mii result when viewing Miis by that artist.
What happened to the Check Mii Out channel codes?
Nintendo ended service for the Check Mii Out channel on the Wii on June 27, 2013. At that point, Check Mii Out codes were removed from the site as they could no longer be used as a way to access Mii characters.
What are the black and white scannable images?
The black and white scannable images are called QR Codes and are used for transferring the Mii directly onto a Wii U or 3DS.
How can I scan the QR codes when they have watermarks on them?
All QR codes on the site can be scanned with a Wii U or 3DS. The QR code format is designed to be scanned even if parts of the image are obscured.
How do I generate images and QR codes for my Miis?
For this you'll need a Nintendo 3DS or Wii U. If your Mii was created on a Wii, first transfer it to the 3DS or Wii U (see the question below). Then, on the 3DS or Wii U open the "Mii Maker" channel and click QR Code/Image Options. From there, there are buttons labeled Save Mii as QR Code and Save Mii as Image. Click those and then select the Mii of your choice. Note that when generating images for submission to the site, be sure you generate a Face image, not Entire Mii. The images will be saved to the SD card in the console. To get them to your computer, you need to remove the SD card and put it into your computer (SD card slot required). Browse the contents of the SD card. Inside the DCIM subfolders you'll find your newly generated images.
How do I put the Miis I made on the Wii onto a 3DS?
Open the Mii channel on the Wii and the Mii Maker channel on the 3DS. On the 3DS, select Send/Receive, then select Mii Channel (Wii). Follow the instructions that appear on the 3DS to connect your Wii. After the consoles are connected it's just drag and drop using your WiiMote.
Can I get instructions for other Miis not found here or Miis that don't have instructions?
Maybe, but you'll need the Mii binary file. Once you have one, load it on the main page at the bottom of the left panel side panel. Please note that there is currently no way to generate instructions for Miis originally made on a 3DS or Wii U.
What's a Mii Binary file?
Every Mii character on the Wii is represented by a file that contains all of the information needed to reproduce that character. When you transfer a Mii to your WiiMote from your Wii Mii Plaza, the Mii binary file is the information that is sent and stored. If you're technologically savvy enough, it is then possible to then transfer this file from your WiiMote to your computer using bluetooth and a third party miitransfer program. MiiCharacters.com takes no responsibility for the use of a third party program or executable and does not provide support for doing so.
Why are some Miis lacking instructions?
Currently, a Mii Binary file is required to generate instructions. As such, instructions cannot be made available for any Mii submitted without one. Since only Miis which were originally created on a Wii can possibly be stored as Mii Binary files, it is not yet possible to generate instructions for Miis created on any of the newer consoles.
I found some inappropriate stuff on the site. What should I do?
Please report it to us. This is a site for all ages. We don't want any of that stuff here. Please note that we do allow a certain amount of veiled references to adult topics, much like popular children's movies do. This is at our discretion.
What if I have questions not answered here?
If you're sure the answer is not in this FAQ, contact us.