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James Earl Jones

James Earl Jones Mii Image by Andy Anonymous
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Mii Plaza Name: JamesEarlJ

Created by: Andy Anonymous

Actor famous for his deep voice. He was the voice of Darth Vader in "Star Wars" and appeared in many movies including "Coming to America", "Field of Dreams", and "The Sandlot". He is also known as the voice of Verizon.

Tags: coming to america, field of dreams, james earl jones, star wars, the sandlot

Categories: Stars

Created on the: Wii

Miitomo Instructions:

Start a new character from scratch and make these changes.

Headrow 2 column 2Type: 1st row, 3rd column
row 4 column 3Facial Structure: 2nd row, 6th column
row 2 column 2Skin Color: 2nd row, 2nd column
row 2 column 1Color: 2nd row, 1st column
Eyebrowseyebrow shape
row 1 column 4Color: 1st row, 4th column
rotate clockwiseRotate: 5 clockwise
make widerHorizontal: 3 wider
move downVertical: 7 down
Eyeseye shape
make smallerSize: 1 smaller
make widerHorizontal: 2 wider
move upVertical: 3 up
Nosenose shape
make biggerSize: 1 bigger
move upVertical: 2 up
Mouthmouth shape
row 1 column 3Color: 1st row, 3rd column
make biggerSize: 3 bigger
move downVertical: 1 down
Glassesrow 1 column 3Type: 1st row, 3rd column
make smallerSize: 1 smaller
move upVertical: 1 up
Mustacherow 1 column 2Type: 1st row, 2nd column
make smallerSize: 3 smaller
move downVertical: 4 down
MolemoleAdd a mole
make smallerSize: 4 smaller
move leftHorizontal: 1 left
move upVertical: 1 up
Facial Hair Colorrow 2 column 2Color: 2nd row, 2nd column
Size (1st tab)heightHeight: 65%
weightWeight: 88%
Click "Next"
NicknameEnter NicknameJamesEarlJ

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