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Nicole Watterson

Nicole Watterson Mii Image by Mike91
QR Code for Nicole Watterson by Mike91

Created by: Mike91

The mother of Gumball Watterson in "The Amazing World of Gumball". She's the toughest and angriest character when provoked.

Tags: amazing world of gumball, cartoon network, cat, nicole

Categories: Toons

Created on the: 3ds

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie Mii Image by Ajay
QR Code for Nicole Richie by Ajay

Mii Plaza Name: Nicole

Created by: Ajay

Socialite adopted daughter of Lionel Richie and star of the Simple Life.

Tags: lionel, simple life, socialite

Categories: Stars, TV

Created on the: Wii


Nicole Mii Image by Alien803
QR Code for Nicole by Alien803

Created by: Alien803

Miiverse user famous for her tragic love story with Allan, another Miiverse user. Their story was retold on YouTube by CurtDogg.

Tags: allan and nicole, curtdogg, miiverse

Categories: Miscellaneous

Created on the: 3ds