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Clippy Mii Image by HomsarRunner
QR Code for Clippy by HomsarRunner

Created by: HomsarRunner

The old Microsoft Office assistant. It looks like you're scanning a QR code of a Mii. Would you like some help?

Tags: microsoft, office, paperclip, windows

Categories: Face Art

Created on the: 3ds

Alan Wake

Alan Wake Mii Image by Rhino41
QR Code for Alan Wake by Rhino41

Created by: Rhino41

The protagonist of the self named Xbox 360 game "Alan Wake". A best selling writer with a case of writer's block, he heads to Bright Falls on vacation.

Tags: alan wake, microsoft, psychological thriller, writer, xbox 360

Categories: Games

Created on the: Wii U

Bill Gates

Bill Gates Mii Image by Spudster
QR Code for Bill Gates by Spudster

Created by: Spudster

The founder of one of the largest computing companies in the world 'Microsoft'.

Tags: billionaire, entrepreneur, founder, microsoft, silicon valley

Categories: Stars

Created on the: 3ds