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Sub-Zero Mii Image by Danny
QR Code for Sub-Zero by Danny

Mii Plaza Name: Sub-Zero

Created by: Danny

Warrior from Mortal Kombat who controls the power of ice.

Tags: ice, mortal kombat, ninja

Categories: Games

Created on the: Wii


Ashe Mii Image by Darkweavel
QR Code for Ashe by Darkweavel

Created by: Darkweavel

The Frost Archer from "League of Legends". (Riot games)

Tags: archery, ice, league of legends, riot games

Categories: Games

Created on the: 3ds


Mei Mii Image by n8han11
QR Code for Mei by n8han11

Created by: n8han11

From the first-person shooter game "Overwatch". She froze herself in cryostasis to survive a polar storm, waking up to a whole new world.

Tags: china, hero, ice, overwatch

Categories: Games

Created on the: 3ds


Jynx Mii Image by Alien803
QR Code for Jynx by Alien803

Created by: Alien803

Ice/Psychic Pokemon. Number 124 in the Pokedex.

Tags: ice, pokemon, psychic

Categories: Games

Created on the: 3ds


Cloyster Mii Image by windkirby
QR Code for Cloyster by windkirby

Created by: windkirby

Pokedex #091, the Bivalve Pokemon. Water-ice type. This high-defense Pokemon's shell is incredibly hard. Shellder evolves into this with a Water Stone.

Tags: clam, ice, pokemon, shell

Categories: Games

Created on the: 3ds

Ice Mario

Ice Mario Mii Image by epicgirl234
QR Code for Ice Mario by epicgirl234

Created by: epicgirl234

Mario in his ice form when he gets the ice flower from New Super Mario Bros. Wii and New Super Mario Bros. U

Tags: ice, mario bros

Categories: Games

Created on the: 3ds


Zane Mii Image by K1ngOfN1njas
QR Code for Zane by K1ngOfN1njas

Created by: K1ngOfN1njas

The white ninja of ice from LEGO Ninjago.

Tags: ice, lego, ninja, ninjago

Categories: Toons

Created on the: 3ds