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Doduo Mii Image by windkirby
QR Code for Doduo by windkirby

Created by: windkirby

Number 084 in the Pokedex, the Twin Bird Pokemon. a fragile, fast attacker.

Tags: dodo, flying, normal, pokemon

Categories: Games

Created on the: 3ds


Butterfly Mii Image by epicgirl234
QR Code for Butterfly by epicgirl234

Created by: epicgirl234

A butterfly on the face of a Mii.

Tags: flying, insect, outside, wings

Categories: Face Art

Created on the: 3ds

Gumby - Monty Python

Gumby - Monty Python Mii Image by Andrew S35
QR Code for Gumby - Monty Python by Andrew S35

Created by: Andrew S35

With his handkerchief hat, mustache, and glasses, this is a Gumby, a reoccurring character from the Monty Python's Flying Circus series. One of it's best knows skits has gumby remark "MY BRAIN HURTS"

Tags: brain, circus, flying, gumby, monty python

Categories: TV

Created on the: 3ds