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Mike Haggar

Mike Haggar Mii Image by Eben Frostey
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Created by: Eben Frostey

The fighting mayor of Metro City! The most recurring character from Capcom's Final Fight video game series. He taught Zangief his "spinning piledriver," for the record.

Tags: capcom, final fight, mayor, mvc3, wrestler

Categories: Games

Created on the: 3ds

Cody Travers

Cody Travers Mii Image by MrJ
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Created by: MrJ

From the "Street Fighter" franchise. One of the three main characters of "Final Fight", Cody has been locked in prison since he swept Metro City's streets of crime. If he removes his cuffs, run.

Tags: capcom, fighter, final fight, street fighter

Categories: Games

Created on the: 3ds