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Stu Pickles

Stu Pickles Mii Image by 90sToonLover38
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Created by: 90sToonLover38

Tommy and Dils' dad, Didi's husband and Lou's youngest son from "Rugrats". He works as a toy inventor.

Tags: father, inventor, rugrats

Categories: Toons

Created on the: 3ds

Tywin Lannister

Tywin Lannister Mii Image by Salazan
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Created by: Salazan

Charles Dance's character on "Game of Thrones". The head of House Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock, Warden of the West, Lord Paramount of the Westerlands, Hand of the King, and Protector of the Realm. He is the father of Cersei, Jaime and Tyrion.

Tags: a song of ice and fire, father, game of thrones, hbo

Categories: TV

Created on the: 3ds

Jack Fenton

Jack Fenton Mii Image by tangela24
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Created by: tangela24

The father from "Danny Phantom".

Tags: danny phantom, father, ghost hunter, nickelodeon

Categories: Toons

Created on the: 3ds

Stan Smith

Stan Smith Mii Image by BenJ09
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Created by: BenJ09

From the cartoon "American Dad".

Tags: american dad, cia, father, seth macfarlane

Categories: Toons

Created on the: Wii U

Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson Mii Image by JJrocks
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Created by: JJrocks

The funny dad from the Simpsons. "D'oh!"

Tags: dan castellaneta, father, moe's tavern, nuclear plant, the simpsons

Categories: Toons

Created on the: 3ds

Cleveland Brown

Cleveland Brown Mii Image by MaverickxMM
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Created by: MaverickxMM

From "The Cleveland Show" & "Family Guy".

Tags: family guy, father, the cleveland show

Categories: Toons

Created on the: 3ds