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Jherii Gallo

Jherii Gallo Mii Image by ZM5
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Created by: ZM5

The "Pride" psychopath from "Dead Rising 3". A professional female bodybuilder with gender identification issues.

Tags: bodybuilder, dead rising, dead rising 3, pride

Categories: Games

Created on the: 3ds

Vera De Milo

Vera De Milo Mii Image by !SiC
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Mii Plaza Name: Vera Dmilo

Created by: !SiC

Masculine female bodybuilder character from "In Living Color" played by Jim Carrey.

Tags: bodybuilder, in living color, jim carrey, masculine

Categories: TV

Created on the: Wii

Robin Coleman

Robin Coleman Mii Image by Spider
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Created by: Spider

Professional fitness model and bodybuilder, famous for her role as Hellga in "American Gladiators".

Tags: american gladiators, bodybuilder, hellga

Categories: Sports

Created on the: 3ds