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Lestat De Lioncourt

Lestat De Lioncourt Mii Image by Pablo de lion
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Created by: Pablo de lion

Anne Rice's antihero antagonist from "The Vampire Chronicles". Rock star, musician, actor, and a hunter. Portrayed by Tom Cruise in the movie "Interview with the Vampire".

Tags: interview with the vampire, the vampire chronicles, vampire

Categories: Movies

Created on the: 3ds

Clint Barton

Clint Barton Mii Image by Jei
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Created by: Jei

Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, member of the Avengers.

Tags: archery, comics, hawkeye, marvel, superhero, the avengers

Categories: Movies

Created on the: 3ds

The Koopa King

The Koopa King Mii Image by J1N2G
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Created by: J1N2G

Evil King from the early '90s film "Super Mario Bros." as played by Dennis Hopper. He will try anything to take over the world. Soon he realizes that yet again the Mario Bros. will foil his plans.

Tags: evil, super mario bros. movie

Categories: Movies

Created on the: Wii U

Ricky Caldwell

Ricky Caldwell Mii Image by Sunkern
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Created by: Sunkern

Serial killer from the movie Silent Night Deadly Night 2. Better known as that guy who shouts "garbage day!"

Tags: garbage day, serial killer, silent night deadly night 2

Categories: Movies

Created on the: 3ds

Captain America

Captain America Mii Image by AdamB92
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Created by: AdamB92

From the Marvel comics, and Marvel live-action films. Portrayed by Chris Evans.

Tags: comics, marvel, mask, superhero, the avengers

Categories: Movies

Created on the: 3ds