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Beavis Mii Image by Murkin
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Mii Plaza Name: Beavis

Created by: Murkin

Butt-head's cohort on the animated TV Series "Beavis and Butt-Head".

Tags: beavis and butt-head, fire, mike judge

Categories: Toons

Created on the: Wii

3DS Instructions:

Start a new character from scratch and make these changes.

Headrow 2 column 1Type: 2nd row, 1st column
Hairpage 5 row 1 column 3Type: 5th page, 1st row, 3rd column
8th from the topColor: 8th from the top
Eyebrowspage 2 row 3 column 3Type: 2nd page, 3rd row, 3rd column
8th from the topColor: 8th from the top
make biggerSize: 1 bigger
move downVertical: 6 down
Eyespage 3 row 2 column 1Type: 3rd page, 2nd row, 1st column
rotate counterclockwiseRotate: 1 counterclockwise
make smallerSize: 1 smaller
make narrowerHorizontal: 1 narrower
move downVertical: 6 down
Noserow 4 column 1Type: 4th row, 1st column
make smallerSize: 1 smaller
move downVertical: 5 down
Mouthpage 1 row 2 column 2Type: 1st page, 2nd row, 2nd column
move downVertical: 4 down
SizeheightHeight: 51%
weightWeight: 9%
NicknameEnter NicknameBeavis
Favorite ColorFavorite Color1st row, 6th column
BirthdayBirthdayJanuary 2nd
Mii CreatorPlease Credit the CreatorMurkin